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tv   [untitled]    May 27, 2013 3:30am-4:01am PDT

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speaker. >> good evening, commissioners, staff and members of the public and we have members of organizations here and supporters and friends. i am david [inaudible] and the executive director of the community leadership and josh kins is next to me and we i have statement that he is going to read. >> as san franciscans we have comfort and a sense of security knowing that we have a caring individual within the police department command staff, an individual that accepts our phone calls and responds to emails and comes out to the neighborhood to hear our concerns as well as making every possible effort to -- excuse me, expeditious lie address our concerns. we have such a friend. his name is john loftus
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and we selected this recipient of individual of recognition and leadership to the great city of san francisco so it is with great pleasure that we present to deputy jeef john lot of our 2013 certificate of recognition. >> thank you. [applause] >> i also want to add that my daughter jacklyn did a picture today for chief loftus. >> please come forward. how cute. that's pretty good. >> thank you very much commissioners. >> thank you very much. we didn't know this was happening. we did receive an email and i didn't realize the presentation. that's perfect. >> very brief. that's nicer
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than your award david. obviously i'm honored and very, very flattered. david and his organization, the community leadership alliance does great work and it's a pleasure to work with them. >> thank you chief. it's great to have the recognition and thank you for doing the picture. how cute. good evening jeremy. how are you? >> i'm all right. >> good to see you. >> likewise. i'm jeremy miller and the program director of the [inaudible] foundation and i wish i was addressing the body on positive notes like the last two speakers but last week there was another rash of san francisco police brutality and that's what i am here to address tonight. a week ago today the
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sf commune as it was dubbed a vacant abandoned church that was occupied by homeless people was raided with physical force. the follow evening at san francisco state university people who had associated with this commune were visiting -- legitimately visiting friends in the san francisco state dorms and were brutally attacked by the san francisco police department. there is video footage of people screaming pleaing for mursy as officers jammed what alleged to be a tazer but a flash right into someone's ribs while he wasn't resisting. there was a vigil set up on bryant and
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people peaceably using the constitutional right to assemble. i saw them there with my own two eyes on sunday. on monday i got a reports of these people being arrested. this is unconchable behavior on behalf of the san francisco police department and there are students saying they're afraid enroll next semester because they're afraid of being beat up. they have committed no crime. it should be remembered their legal status was the requirement to house indigent people and it's [inaudible] in the constitution but doesn't make it more right and it was a civil matter and not a criminal matter and shouldn't have been handled by the police department at
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all, the first incidence of atrocities. we demand the release of victims of this event and clear and concise accountability for all of the police officers involved and i would like to highlight another case and [inaudible] mo rerchgo and falsely accused of auto theft and beat he is in jail right now with a broken neck on the verge of death is denied adequate treatment. we need to end this in san francisco now. >> good evening. >> commissioners, ladies and gentlemen for the record i am a mill laurence. i have been a resident of the city and county for 44 years. today i have two things on my plate. one is i have no qualms against anybody
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donating to the mounted police in san francisco. my daughter is an equestrian and she gave a speech to the board of supervisors to save the stables. it was a dramatic speech and i went on a freedom of information request to get the amount of a donation for the police in golden gate park and they claim there were no records of it. the mounted police have bought sattels at $10,000 a piece when i can find no record of any saddles costing that much and those 10 saddles are not at the park at this time. there is a combination of new ones and old ones. the second of item i would like to speak to is the gentleman that just spoke with beating up the homeless. i don't see the sfpd wasting their time with that when the taxi
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business used to be connected to the sfpd going back three to four years ago, and today it is not, and today the police do not respond to the majority of unlicensed limousines in this city up to 500, 800 every weekend act as taxis to supplement their income and no trace and no documentation of who these people are. they come from oakland, alameda, the south bay in limousines with blacked out windows. you can't see who they are and impacts the taxi business as taxis and not much has been done about it by the mta or the sfpd when this is a violation of city charter, law, and state law. they're out there by the hundreds. you see them every weekend. you basically see almost no arrests and i know that this problem was
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controlled when the taxi commission was under the umbrella of the police department. we had help from the sfpd. today we have no help whatsoever. it's not clear how the mta is going to handle this because right now they have taken their hands off. they're only concerned about the income the taxi business produces and $25 million a year they suck out of the business while we have no medical plan unemployment plan or dental plan or anything else associated with the city and county employee department so i would like to see what will happen on that. i thank you for your time. >> thank you amil. good evening clyde. >> good evening. i would also like to go against that other gentleman. i'm all aware that eviction of the home little. i heard it on the radio. in fact i talked to commander loftus,
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deputy loftus. they initially did that months ago and stood down because the police didn't feel well suited to engage them. kgo -- the landlords were the people that called the police about the people in their building. there wasn't any report for people hurt. a couple were arrested for outstanding warrants and one for resisting arrest. as far as a broken neck i don't know. i would like to go forward with someone else and i support greg suhr for chief and i am aware of a case about him from an employee. dimy background. and i went through every article about the case and see the young lady, the victim stand here and address the police commission about the situation at hand. i totally support the chief on this. my knowledge of the case is i am [inaudible] and some people just what they are. now
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on to the great subject, the occ. i would like to address the occ. there was a young man two weeks ago and sat there and gave the dialogue how the occ treated him. two weeks ago i met a lady in the cash room and transgender and she told me about something that happened with her. young lady sit down i will explain how the occ works and this is how you should do it and please get back to me. she called me the other day. she said "clyde, i got a letter. i got a phone call. they're on it." great job thank you. >> thank you clyde. next speaker. please come forward sir. good evening. >> yes good evening police commission. together can we be allotted three minutes each. >> one at a time. >> yes. i prepared a statement and if i don't finish it i
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continue on his time. >> the city attorney said no. >> i wrote it so he can read it. thank you very much. police commission i am christopher can dea and on behalf of my parents and sho share an incident with myself and my parents and the police department and one officer inspector lanny [inaudible] and my parents can't be here because they're ill. my father surface from alzheimer's dementia and home bound. my mother speaks little english and visually impaired and cares for my father. she surf suffers from anxiety and. >> >> blood pressure. and my father retired from railway and i am a franchise firefighter. the police came to my parents
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home twice looking for my ex-wife rita to serve a subpoena. there is a pending case thatful vs one of my brothers who is not here today. my ex-wife is a potential witness in that case. my mother explained rita never lived there. the police left without incident both times and at 5:30 p.m. they arrived at my mom's house. he was yelling saying this is the police. open the door. she did this tnltly. my father became agitated and she didn't open the door right away and was nervous and frightened and asking for rita my mom rita doesn't live there and told her my father is six and to stop coming over and this is the third visit. "i know
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that rita lives here. you have a grandson together and he lives here too." my mother was crying and asked her to go away. she was told my ex-wife doesn't live there and it wasn't enough and the officer without permission barged through my mother and "i am waiting inside." the partner followed her into the living room and began to question my father and ignoring my mom to stop and my father service from alzheimer's dementia and can't respond to the questions and continued to yell at my mom and had information she was living in my mom's house -- >> actually i will give you a few more seconds. >> my mother proceeded to call me using the homeland line and left a frantic message in tears
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that the police were looking for rita and my father and her were terrified tell them to please -- tell me to please come home now. and the police refused to leave. they called a spanish interpreter and requested my mother through the interpreter even though she repeated that my ex-wife never lived there. >> thank you. >> they stepped up the heavy handed technique and imply that my mother was lying to her. my mother called me again and said "stop calling people" how dare she stop her calling anyone and the officer insisted she wanted to search every room in the house for rita and chris junior
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who was not involved with the pending case. at this point my mom became frantic and hysterical and she begged her to leave the house and she convinced the matter was getting out of hand and they should leave. as they were leaving the officer threatened my mother they would come back again and again and i found my mom in a frail state and my dad was weak and my mom couldn't get out the words to what the officer put them through that day. when my parents were getting ready for bed two police officers arrived at my home. i was there and answered the door. i spoke with officer roadwayer of the police department and i asked that rita never lited at my parent's home. i invited them into the house
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so they could see that my father is suffering from alzheimer's dimenszia and fourth visit in the one day and they concurred it was expressive and the officer assured he would pass on the information for the superiors and hopefully the visits would stop and the officer brought my mother to tears and my father can't communicate effectively because of alzheimer's dementia. he understood what was happening and crying like a child because he couldn't protect my mother and himself. i am appalled and wondering how the inspector can get away with these police tactics. i don't believe any of you would tolerate that your elderly parents be treated in such a demeanor -- manner. it shouldn't matter there is a
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pending case in the court that involves my brother. it shouldn't mearkt that inspector believes that she lives at the home and shouldn't matter they're trying to serve a subpoena and every member must serve by the law. they must treat members with dignity and respect and especially when they're law abiding tax paying senior citizens who have lived in san francisco for 50 years. the inspector has a duty to follow the law and perform the job and she's a public servant just like i'm on and just because she has a badge doesn't allow her to ignore the law. as a san francisco firefighter got forbid i treated someone like that. it would be considered unconchable and i would be
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before disciplinary board in a split second. every time there say knock at the door now my mother goes into a nervous frenzy that the inspector or another officer are going to invade her home. >> thank you. we've run out of time. i think your message has been delivered. please do. commissioner truman. >> sir, your parents and christopher junior are the only people at the residence at that time? >> actually it was just my mom -- both my parents and my other brother that wasn't here. he wasn't present at the home but he wouldn't want be to in fear that inspector might do something and he was
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present and saw through another door what was going on. my son christopher wasn't there. >> okay. >> the occ has representative that is going to approach you. the acting director has asked to chat with you. yes go ahead. >>i just wanted to clarify that the occ has received the complaint just recently, so we have assigned an investigator and are just beginning the investigation, so thank you very much for bringing it to the commission. >> thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you for your time. any further public comment? hearing none public comment is now closed. please call line item number three. >> line item three chief's report, discussion, review of recent activities. >> chief, how are you? >> very good. thank you. nice to be back. it's been two weeks so mine is a little lengthy.
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we had a couple busy weeks. i think you be sad to hear that mike rivera from the wilderness program is going to retire. we are looking for replacement. it's to be someone devoted to that program but he has taken -- i'm sorry. he has taken taylor elementary school, 22 students, one teacher, six parents and one additional officer to angel island state park. on wednesday the 15 was another day hike with sunset elementary school. 14 students, one teacher, five parents and one additional officer, and then on saturday the 18th it was a day hike up to topple piace state park and in connection with city of dreams, and they sent 10 youth, six
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mentor or staff and then one additional officer. last thursday we had the san francisco police department ball at the make up event and i hope that those that attended had a good time. it was really nice. about 260 people were there including some of you community leaders, police department members and supporters of safe. that event raised about $60,000. safe is splitting that with the police foundation. we are hoping that we have about 80 young people in jobs this summer so we have to do a bit more fundraising because we have to give them either the money or give cards to buy what they need. this is the first event of its kind since the 1980's -- i'm sorry, 1990's. we did have one event for the [inaudible]
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but a police men's ball -- they used to be called that so that is upcoming every year. tomorrow morning any of the command staff and any police member that would like to attend it's the national law enforcement day at st. joseph's school on jenn veef. this is something the school does every here with kathy choi. she's a wife of a sworn member. the chief and i and other members will be out tomorrow afternoon handing out sf safe distracted walker campaign literature. on one side it's a message to
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people that walk, whether j walk or in the crosswalk when they're on mobile devices and not aware of the surroundings, and also people that are just walking anywhere and again not aware of their surroundings and subject to being the vsm a robbery. there are going to be members from lincoln high school so the youth is very actively involved in this program as well as c pab members and members from mirabel station and it's an awareness program and effective. it's something the youth came up with and asked for assistance with raising the money so i think it will be a very positive event for all involved. data breakers left sunday. it was a very long day for some of us, but it was a very positive event in many
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ways. 16 individuals were taken to sobering centers. 21 were arrested and booked into county jail for public intoxication. they stayed there until they sobered up and then they were released. there was one arrest for possession of a firearm, one felony arrest for robbery. there were 17 law enforcement agencies involved in that event, and i think it clearly went off well. we had an estimate given to us for about 10 to 12,000 visitors to the city. officers responded to 20 house parties that appeared to get out of hand. there were three bar checks done by our alu which is our alcohol liaison
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unit. and two were given and one officer sustained a minor injury during an arrest and unfortunately one person fell from a roof of and died from his injuries. the america's cup artimus incident, the boat that went over and one person died as a result of that. we are very close to completing that investigation. all of the crew members of interviewed. we're still waiting to hear back from the medical examiner of what the cause of death was. it was a joint response to that incident by the marine unit, the coast guard, police department investigators, and a number of items were collected at that
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incident for further investigation. america's cup has been involved in this and have been assisting with that investigation. we did suffer another homicide on the 15th on 800 block of orilies walker street in the bay view. that is an on going investigation. again beta breakers. there was a pretty well publicized missing person at ocean beach which is in that district and part federal police. it is a very active ongoing investigation. obviously we still and always will reach out to the public anybody that has any information whether they think it's minor or not to come forward to assist us in anyway. we will follow up on
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any lead that may assist us in finding this person and assisting the family with additional information, and that is it for the chief's report. >> thank you. commissioner king king. >> thank you for your report. deputy chief. just a question or perhaps a clarification. do you know anything about the matter at san francisco state or the other incident regarding the homeless? because it's my understanding san francisco state has their own police and perhaps there is some confusion on that. do you want to address that? >> i don't have details on that incident. san francisco state does have their own agency. i don't know if we assisted them but i certainly can follow up on that. >> and then the other incident or what we heard about this evening in terms of the
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homeless and their shelter? >> the gentleman said it was a church. i have no idea about an incident at a church. >> okay. >> but again i will follow up on that. >> okay thank you. >> thank you. commissioner loftus. >> yes chief do you by chance, and i know that putting you on the spot a little bit but we have the homicide numbers. do you have them compared to last year by this point in the year. >> we're at 13 now and i'm sorry i don't know what it was last year. >> okay. >> 27. it was at 27. thank you mr. henderson. >> okay thank you and i will just say i happen to be one of the fortunate san franciscans had that had one of the 20 house parties on my block and my kids were out riding their bikes when we watched up the breaking up of a house party which was more complicated than i imagined it
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could be. i would say there was a significant police presence on my block which created excitement in the neighborhood. i haven't talked to my neighbors in a long time and there is a lot of police on the block and everyone wants to talk about it and i would say there was a significant amount of patience and slowing down and no one was arrested that i saw, and having seen some of the revelers who had enjoy the more cocktails than they were aware of at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon i can see that the officers were exercising patience and happily transferring someone back to somewhere they could be safe and the officers i think deserve as i told them credit for being very patient on that day. >> thank you for that. we will pass it on. >> anything further for the chief? all right. inspector please call item 3b, occ director report. >> director's report,
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discussion recent activities. >> president mazzucco, commissioners i don't have anything to report today as the director is on vacation and she will give her report when she returns. >> okay. thank you. please call 3c -- by the way with the presentation and the report under 3a that is taken off calendar. >> [inaudible] >> ms. marian. >> [inaudible] >> okay great. thank you. >> line item 3c. >> commission reports, decision, and commissioner reports. >> i just not as president i would like to report about an incredible incident i saw about two weeks ago. it would be two weeks from friday for members of the police department and also talked to the public about it, and it actually 19 years as a prosecutor it was an